Emma Hudson 
Founder and Principal

Emma Hudson is the Owner and Principal of Emma Hudson Consulting, LLC, a mission-focused communications and public affairs firm. Emma’s background spans nonprofit and government experience as an advocate and a government relations strategist with specialization in business, health care, and social justice policy arenas. With nearly a decade of experience lobbying at the state level, Emma’s work harnesses the combined power of storytelling, visual data demonstration, and relationship-building to advance even the most complex policy goals. Emma’s lobbying style prioritizes respect, transparency, and preparedness to serve client needs. Her emphasis on honest, direct communication with diverse stakeholders has earned her a powerful reputation with members of the General Assembly and her colleagues in the lobbying corps for her trustworthiness, reliability, and integrity. Emma’s ability to navigate the critical touch-points where client voices are most effective has created winning results.


Among other notable achievements, Emma led a nuanced lobbying strategy along with a powerful grassroots movement to pass the single largest investment in Medicaid services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the state, totaling more than $67 million per year. Emma also excels at the defensive work that is inherent to the legislative process with a history of success at minimizing or eliminating potential threats to client business operations or goals, such as several legislative triumphs in staving off bills that would have exposed clients to significantly increased regulatory costs.


Emma’s clients express particular enthusiasm for her proactive, yet calm approach to the legislative process. Emma is known for prioritizing advance stakeholder work coupled with engaging House and Senate Leadership and Joint Budget Committee members early on in bill development to allow for a smoother, more successful legislative session. With preparedness and communication, the policy goals Emma champions for her clients typically find a more peaceful journey through the otherwise turbulent storm of legislative session.

Emma holds two masters degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison: a Masters of Public Health from the University of Wisconsin-School of Medicine & Public Health and a Masters of Public Affairs from the La Follette School of Public Affairs, with a graduate certificate in Consumer Health Advocacy. Emma also earned a Bachelor of Science in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with specialization in Spanish, Global Cultures, and Leadership.

When Emma isn't advancing meaningful policy solutions at the state Capitol or working with non-profits and corporations to improve communication and retention, she spends her time teaching yoga at a local domestic violence shelter, hiking in the mountains with her dogs, and gardening in her yard alongside her urban chickens and bees.