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Every day our government makes decisions with far-reaching implications for businesses, industries, individuals, and nonprofits. Having a state lobbying presence is a critical component to achieving your policy goals, whether you're seeking to advance meaningful changes in your industry, fight for advancements to support special populations, or defend your business against undue attacks. Engaging the right lobbyist for your purposes will ensure appropriate and timely responses to potential legislation impacting your organization's mission and priorities.

Intelligence Gathering & Issue Monitoring

One of the most important roles a lobbyist can play is to be an ear on the ground of the Capitol during critical discussions and negotiations. With an ally in the room, your business/organization is more likely to receive better information on an earlier timeline. With that information, your chances of success in the legislative process are greatly improved. As your lobbying firm, we commit to maintaining a constant presence in the Capitol along with connections to legislators and relevant stakeholders year-round to ensure timely access to necessary information that could impact your organization's long-term goals. 

Legislation & Amendment Advancement

Clients seeking to advance proactive legislation will receive support navigating the nuances of the bill drafting and introduction processes, including securing bill sponsors as well as helping to draft statutes and amendments. We'll work through stakeholder negotiations and guide bill sponsors, legislative council staff, and proponent stakeholders in the successful execution of bills and amendments.

General Assembly Lobbying

While the legislative process is not impossible to navigate, it can certainly prove to be difficult. At Emma Hudson Consulting, we work with you to demystify the policy-making process. To ensure client success, we'll represent your policy priorities with members of the Colorado General Assembly, monitor and shepherd legislation as it moves through the process, and work with legislative sponsors to ensure a successful outcome in committees and on the House and Senate floor. We'll also assist clients with arriving at appropriate policy positions based on careful political calculations of the time and we'll use our unique insight and ongoing, productive relationships with legislators to advance clients' goals in the legislative process.

Executive Branch Lobbying

The Governor's Office can be a powerful ally or a difficult obstacle. There are a variety of ways to influence the Executive Branch and we'll explore which options are appropriate for your goals. From the beginning, we will work to solicit support and feedback from the offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor by ensuring ongoing discussions with their staff throughout the legislative process.

Committee Hearing Monitoring & Support

Every day during the legislative session, and even many days when the General Assembly is not in session, there are dozens of committee meetings covering a broad array of topics. Emma Hudson Consulting will ensure careful monitoring of committee discussions and actions to ensure clients have the most up-to-date information available about all high-impact policies.

Relationship Building

Everything you've ever heard about politics is true; well, at least the part about relationships being vitally important is true! It's for that reason that Emma Hudson Consulting has spent years building close, trusted relationships with legislators and government stakeholders by being at the Capitol for the long nights and early mornings that bond people together, hosting and participating in fundraisers, and supporting candidates throughout their political careers. We will capitalize on those existing relationships with legislators to educate lawmakers about issues of importance to clients, coordinate meetings between clients and key members of the General Assembly, and steadily work to increase client power and influence in the halls of the Capitol.

Talking Points & Fact Sheets

The value of a good, one-page fact sheet and effective talking points cannot be overstated. We will provide insight and guidance for clients when preparing materials related to a client's stated policy goals. We'll help clients distill complex topics down to just the most important elements of the message to ensure effective communication with a variety of stakeholders. 

Our work is catered to each client's unique needs. For a more detailed scope of services or for more information, please contact


Emma Hudson Consulting has worked with non-profit organizations, coalitions, corporations, and others to pass new policy, thwart efforts by opposing interests, and build winning coalitions in the Colorado Capitol. SOME PAST AND CURRENT CLIENTS INCLUDE:

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