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Below are just some of the legislative victories I've ushered through the Colorado legislature for my clients in recent years. Some of these successes were done nearly alone, alongside my client, while others were done in coalition with other organizations and lobbyists. All meaningful policy changes and successes you see below are a result of incredible passion from my clients - the energy, knowledge, and effort begins there - it's my job to see it through to the Governor's desk. 

State Budget

  • Passed ​HB18-1407 which infused $68M each year into the Intellectual and Developmental Disability servive system. The funding eliminates the waiting list for services for people who have an ill or elderly caregiver and increases wages for direct support professionals via higher Medicaid reimbursement rates.

  • Helped secure thousands of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities could come off the decades-long waiting list to receive comprehensive support services. 

  • In 2021, I helped secure $33M in Medicaid provider rate increases for intellectual and developmental disability providers in the midst of the Covid crisis

  • Successfully fought off a complete system redesign of Community Corrections services proposed by the Governor without any stakeholder engagement, which was accompanied by a $22M cut (representing ⅓ of the total community corrections budget).

Criminal Justice


  • HB21-

  • HB21-1206 transportation access

Vulnerable Populations

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