For most associations and professional organizations, long-term public policy strategy, internal communications, and stakeholder engagement can be just as important as what happens inside the walls of the Capitol.  We work in collaboration with clients to create and execute a thoughtful policy strategy using all angles and communication pathways available. 

Strategic Communications

Ensure clients have a consistent and coherent message for both internal and external use. We work to support clients in crafting and delivering the right message, using the right messenger, at the right time, to the right audience - both within an organization and outside it.

Educational Events

Plan, coordinate, and execute events to teach clients about the legislative process and/or to acquaint legislators and others with client’s issues, such as Day at the Capitol events.

Grassroots & Grasstops Development

Partner with clients to develop effective grassroots programs and fully engage community partners in public policy efforts. Identify and cultivate relationships with key grasstops affiliates of clients. A well-organized grassroots effort to show up at briefings, hearings, and other critical events coupled with a phone or email campaign can make a big impact on legislative decisions, if well executed. 

Government Affairs & Policy Counsel

Translate the policy-making process for clients allowing meaningful information to inform internal policy debates. Support clients in shaping and advancing policy objectives. In some cases, this means leveraging relationships to connect clients to policymakers or other stakeholders. In other cases, this means helping clients take a step back to refine strategies and tactics that will best advance stated goals.

Issue Campaigns

Provide guidance related to issue campaigns to help build coalitions, drive up public awareness, and push the right levers to engender culture-changing movements as far-reaching as client aspirations.

Strategic Planning 

Support clients with turning vision and intent into action and results. Strategic planning can help inform long-term legislative goals as well as internal resource allocation decisions. There are several key components of an organizational strategy, but it starts with the question, “What does success look like?”

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